The hike to 1500 - Clint Morris Photography

This was a trip that was postponed for about a month but we finally made time to complete what I will call "The hike to 1500 hundred". We arrived at New Paltz via coach from Grand Central that took about 2 hours maximum to the bus station then a 20 minutes ride through the tiny town and winding roads to the entrance of The Mohonk park. We then signed in and had our group photo taken for safety reason... made sure we came back in one piece.

The fun began, we decided to put the leg power to the mud instead of taking the shuttle. We were on our 45 minutes hike through the woods. We did get lost for a short time and no, Google or Siri wasn't on our side at that point but we figured it out.

We eventually made it to the halfway point where we were able to see the mountain house and the waves of mountains as far as the eyes can see via the lookout points. 

Team 1500

video time

video time

caught me taking a video of our feet dangling over the edge... what were we thinking Jean?

Hike to 1500